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Leanne Gould - Licenced Mortgage Broker

Fixed, Variable & Open Mortgage Financing

Leanne has been a licensed Mortgage Broker since 2009 and prior to 2009 she worked 14 years in chartered banks. Her long term banking experience helps to provide you and your family knowledgeable advice to help you build secure and happy memories for years to come.

Mortgage Services

  • Construction/Draw Mortgage Wetaskiwin, Alberta

    Construction/Draw Mortgage

    Planning on building your dream home or custom home? Consult Leanne Gould Mortgage Broker for Construction/Draw Mortgage Services

  • Mortgage Renewals Wetaskiwin, Alberta

    Mortgage Renewals

    Renewal time is the best time to shop around for better rates or options that work for you. Speak to our Mortgage Broker for the best advice possible

  • Mortgage Refinance Wetaskiwin, Alberta

    Mortgage Refinance

    By refinancing and consolidating your debts into a lower interest rate, the debt principal can be paid down faster than by making multiple high rate payments.

  • Home Equity Line of Credit Wetaskiwin, Alberta

    Home Equity Line of Credit

    A HELOC is a line of credit secured by your property that is set up as an Interest Only payment and is based on prime rate. Contact us for more details

  • Self Employed Mortgage Wetaskiwin, Alberta

    Self Employed Mortgage

    Leanne Gould - Mortgage Broker offer options for self employed persons who may not qualify based solely on the number showing on Line 150 of their tax return.

  • Rental Property Finance Wetaskiwin, Alberta

    Rental Property Finance

    Single family home, duplex, multi door property, talk with Leanne Gould - Mortgage Broker to see how you can use the rental properties as a source of income towards this new purchase.

  • Reverse Mortgages Wetaskiwin, Alberta

    Reverse Mortgages

    Leanne Gould can offer solutions to clients who own their own home. The Reverse Mortgage is a no payment required mortgage where your existing equity in your home is used as savings to pay the interest accrued.

  • Alternate or Private Lenders Wetaskiwin, Alberta

    Alternate or Private Lenders

    Leanne Gould - Mortgage Broker can access several private or semi- private lenders who are still regulated by government policies who can offer short term solutions to get you back on track.

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