Why DIY Electrical Work And Plumbing Are A Bad Idea

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If you’re looking to be an active part of your home renovation, or in case you want to save big, there are several aspects of your project that you can DIY or do yourself. These include painting, decorating, and interior arrangements, etc. However, when it comes to technical jobs like electrical and plumbing installations or fixes, it’s essential to leave it to the professionals.

Working with plumbing and electrical systems requires practical knowledge and experience to ensure they function safely and correctly. If not, you could experience negative outcomes that are not only disappointing but also costly!

To give you an idea of what could go wrong when you take on electrical and plumbing work without experience, experienced homeownership industry professional Leanne Gould has explained why DIY electrical work and plumbing are a bad idea.

1. Safety hazards
When fixing, installing, or extending your own electrical system, especially without sufficient knowledge or training on the job, you could injure yourself on account of shocks, electrocutions, or falls. In some cases, sever electrocutions can even lead to fatal outcomes. Similarly, if you plan to handle your own plumbing without the right skills and experience, you could compromise your safety. Improper plumbing repairs or installations can lead to leaks that cause dampness and promote the growth of harmful mold. At the same time, if you aren’t careful, you could slip and fall, resulting in serious injuries.

2. Costly repairs
If you are not careful while tinkering with electrical wires, installing electrical components, or fixing plumbing elements during a DIY, there are very high chances of starting a fire or flood inside your house. This can cause extensive fire or water damage, which is very expensive to repair as you won’t only need to fix your wiring and plumbing again, but also your floors, walls, and other aspects of your home that get ruined. At the same time, if the job is “out of your league” of expertise, the cost to repair or tear out the work you’ve done and start again, on top of repairing the damages you’ve done, could far outweigh the original costs of hiring a professional.

3. No coverage for damages
Home insurance usually doesn’t cover fire or water damage when it’s the result of DIY projects, as they are seen as self-inflicted destruction. This means that the damages that you have caused may not be covered, and you will be left owing huge amounts, perhaps even call outs for emergency services.

4. No repair discounts
If you think that you could get a discount from professional contractors to repair your home after you’ve damaged it through catastrophic DIYs, think again! As they now have to undo the work you’ve done and reinstall your wiring and plumbing, they may be unwilling to budge on their pricing.

5. Community disputes
Faulty wiring or plumbing can destroy not only your home but also put your neighbors’ homes at risk. In such an incident, you could end up ruining your reputation in your community or instigating disputes with your neighbors. 

Do things right - Hire professionals

As we’ve explained above, fixing your own plumbing or electrical system doesn’t really save you money. In fact, it costs you more. Moreover, as a non-professional, you are not covered by liability insurance should something go wrong. This will only add to your expenses.

On the other hand, a professional contractor must possess a liability cover and a license in their field to confirm that they’ve acquired the necessary training to execute their jobs safely and accurately. Their registration and license will also confirm that they have invested time and money to protect and provide top-quality workmanship.

Another benefit of choosing professional electrical contractors and plumbers is that they are likely to have worked for many years to obtain the knowledge and skills that they currently possess. At the same time, they will be very concerned about ensuring safety and cost efficiency while they’re on the job. They may even provide you with better suggestions than the ones you have thought up given their expertise.

As a result, if you are not licensed as an electrician or plumber, make sure to contact someone who is. However, before you enlist their services, ask them to provide information about their services along with quotes to get your work done. Also, don’t forget to verify their licenses and check if they have liability insurance. That way, you save your money and yourself and family from stress and possible chaos.

For reliable contractors to help you with your electrical and plumbing needs, reach out to Leanne Gould, a mortgage broker at The Mortgage Group. As an experienced mortgage broker and expert in the real estate industry, I have built strong connections with several professionals in different fields, including home improvement and maintenance. So, in case you need specialized assistance with your electrical and plumbing needs, feel free to give me a call.

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